Uncle Bob Types

Posted on Wed 06 April 2016 in english

Yesterday I listened to 2 interesting episodes of 2 different programming podcasts:

The first one is called New Rustacean and covers the Rust programming language, which was created by Mozilla as an alternative to low-level language like C/C++. Of course you can write high-level code as well, but I would use it as a low-level language only and script the rest via FFI (Foreign Function Interface).

Anyway... episode 11 of the aforementioned podcast gives a brief overview of type systems (strong vs. weak, dynamic vs. static). It's not a full explanation as one would get in a book about type systems, but Chris Krycho doesn't assume you have foreknowledge about the Lambda-calculus and stuff. If you wanna delve into type systems you can read the free papers "Introduction to Type Theory" and "On Understanding Types, Data Abstraction, and Polymorphism" or the book "Types and Programming Languages" by Benjamin C. Pierce.

The second podcast I listened to was the Functional Geekery podcast by Proctor. On the first episode he has Uncle Bob as a guest. They talk about the famous book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", TDD vs REPL, functional programming and other hot stuff. Coincidentally on the day before I started re-reading Uncle Bob's "Clean Code" :)

EDIT: Jeremy W. Sherman told me there's another interesting talk about "Types vs. Tests".