Posted on Fri 02 October 2015 in english

Several months ago I have converted my mail server from Postfix to OpenBSD's OpenSMTPD. When you want to know the basics I suggest you read William Orr's article first.

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In the last couple of weeks it's trendy to blog about OpenSMTPD:

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Install OpenBSD on Hetzner vServer

Posted on Thu 27 November 2014 in English

This is a short English howto for installing OpenBSD on a vServer from Hetzner.


The first step is to install a VNC client on your host system (ssh connection didn't work out for me as the keyboard layout was havocked - perhaps a tmux problem?). If you need a ...

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OpenBSD Desktop

Posted on Sat 15 March 2014 in english

This is just a reminder for me to set up my Lenovo x230 as an OpenBSD laptop (I'm running -current).

Full-disk encryption

For full-disk encryption choose the (S)hell option from the installation medium.
If your hard disk isn't available yet, change directory to /dev and enter

::: ksh ...

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Endlich hab ich einen Mac

Posted on Thu 06 March 2014 in german

All meine Computersorgen sind vorbei, die Rettung ist da! Endlich kein stundenlanges Gefummel an meinem ollen PC, denn ich habe das Gerät des heiligen Steve empfangen! Einen Mac Mini!

Spaß beseite, das Spielzeug ist natürlich nur dafür da, dass ich OpenBSD Ports auch für PowerPC testen kann (es handelt sich ...

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