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Posted on Tue 11 March 2014 in english

I realized that some guys of my german speaking ADN followers hesitate to write english blog posts or Twitter/Facebook/whatever messages because they think their English isn't good enough. As consequence I'll start blogging in english more often to do the first step into the right direction.

It's been two years now that I made my A levels and I forgot a lot of my learned lessons, but I don't mind making mistakes. I can listen to so many people out there just rattling on in their strange german and I don't have problems understanding them. A lot of native germans can't express themselves appropriate too. If native speakers have problems with their own language, why should I bother writing my non-perfect non-native english?

In my recent conversations with @bcallah, @0xfm@, @kyleisom and others I had no problems to express myself and I'll venture the step to write more english blog posts now.

With more english blog posts I hope to accomplish two things:

  • Get my communication skills back
  • Hopefully I can help others with solutions to problems I have solved

sigh I would love to be able to write sentences like Lovecraft... sigh