Posted on Wed 29 October 2014 in english

Since Google shut down its Reader you were desperately looking for an alternative? Or you would simply like to have a central place to follow your favourite news sites?
For all of you: tt-rss to the resque!

"What's tt-rss?" you ask?
tt-rss is an open source news feed reader and …

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FreeBSD CGit

Posted on Wed 06 August 2014 in english

I copied this setup for a FreeBSD based git server with nginx and cgit from various sites and thus I should call it my Frankenstein jail...

First we must create a new jail, copy the resolv.conf, followed by the installation of various packages, namely:

# pkg install nginx fcgiwrap git …

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FreeBSD Server

Posted on Tue 06 May 2014 in english

This post will show how I set up my FreeBSD server which aims to act as a fileserver (primarily).


# ifconfig igb0 up
# ifconfig igb1 up
# ifconfig lagg0 create 
# ifconfig lagg0 up laggproto lacp laggport igb0 laggport igb1

This is how the result looks:

lagg0 …

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