Distributed systems course

Posted on Tue 23 February 2021 in english

Lately I've been watching the Distributed Systems Course on Youtube and really enjoy the teaching style.

If you skip the lessons on Blockchain (I'm not really interested in that) it roughly takes you 2 laid-back evenings or one tour de force evening.

Also while I watched the lesson on the …

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Got C.H.I.P.?

Posted on Thu 20 October 2016 in english

Some months I received my C.H.I.P. - a 9$ computer with a 1 GHz CPU, 512 MG RAM and built-in WiFi. My plan was to run distributed tasks with Elixir on it. But how did I get there?

Open up C.H.I.P. flasher tool with Chromium …

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Joe Armstrong on software reusability

Posted on Wed 24 February 2016 in english

"I think the lack of reusability comes in object-oriented languages, not functional languages. Because the problem with object-oriented languages is they’ve got all this implicit environment that they carry around with them. You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire …

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