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Posted on Sun 18 October 2015 in english

Want to have a commit history that looks like this?

Rockstar programmer!!!

Install rockstar --- it can create commits in C, C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript, Go, ...

  • PHK himself on the development of jails.

Game development

  • You Won't Finish Your Game, which was posted this week on Gamasutra reminds me of a older, longer article from 2010 I've read some weeks ago: Finishing a game. The articles apply to all software projects so it's definitely worth the read!!!
  • Tiled is an awesome Open Source software for creating tilemaps. GameFromScratch does a tutorial series on it.
  • Architecture in Video Games: Designing for Impact is just breathtaking. The total different view on landscape/architectural design from the game designer's one is worth reading the lenghty article.